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Our Party secretary-Lin Wenxun


“YNU's construction of 'double top' university should adjust and optimize the professional structure of disciplines and highlight advantages and characteristics of disciplines. A disciplinary system will be established by 2023 to support its first-class disciplines.”

Zhou Rong


"Yunnan University's opportunity of becoming a part of the 'Double Top' plan provides a new engine and impetus for Yunnan's higher education to further exploit its advantages and better serve the needs of China's national strategies."

Yang Lin


"Yunnan University should take full advantages of its long history, profound cultural background and comprehensive disciplines and highlighted its characteristics in talent cultivation, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation."

Chen Hao


"Yunnan University should aim at becoming world-class, be open and inclusive, implement the national strategy and support economic and social development of Yunnan province."

Xu Bin


"In order to fully promote the construction of a 'double first-class' university, the Science and Technology Department will give preferential support on resource allocation to Yunnan University."

Ruan Chengfa


"This is a sort of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Yunnan University and he hoped the university will deepen reform and innovation to emerge as a first-class university."

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