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每日一词∣基本医疗保险 basic medical insurance program


More than 95 percent of Chinese were covered by the country's national basic medical insurance programs in 2019, according to statistics released by the National Healthcare Security Administration.

Poetic moments in China's aid in pandemic fight


China has been offering helping hands to other countries in the global fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, sometimes in a quite poetic way. Here are some of the touching poems sent along with Chinese donations to epidemic-hit areas.



Some expressions about the novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control.

贷款市场报价利率 loan prime rate(LPR)


The People's Bank of China (PBOC) announced Sunday that it will replace the loan benchmark interest rate with the loan prime rate (LPR) as a benchmark for setting the interest rate of newly issued commercial individual housing loans.

人格权 personality rights


In the second version of the draft, personal information included an individual's name, birthdate, identity card number, fingerprints, home address and phone number.

《哪吒》“出海” overseas release


Congratulations to the incredibly talented director Jiaozi@饺子导演 on the amazing success of Ne Zha. Many, many congratulations to you on the new record! We'll definitely be seeing Ne Zha in theaters on 8.29. P.S. Ne Zha, a boy or girl?

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