A large cultural program "Youth makes the country strong" was recently launched -- selecting 50 outstanding representatives from the country's universities and colleges as examples for young people nationally.

The program was launched by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, China Youth Daily, the China Literary and Art Volunteers Association and New Oriental Education & Technology Group.


Li Siyuan (middle) and children in Dulongjiang. [Photo/gaotee.com]

Li Siyuan, a postgraduate student at Yunnan University and a volunteer from the university's education assistance group to go to the remote Dulongjiang, in Southwest China's Yunnan province, was one of the 50 representatives.

Dulongjiang, located on the border between China and Myanmar and the border between Yunnan and Tibet autonomous region, was until recently a severely impoverished area where the Derung ethnic group lives.

In August 2019, Li became a member of YNU's education assistance group going to Dulongjiang, and it took her nearly three days to travel from Kunming city campus to the township.

In addition to offering education and accompanying children there, Li also recorded the place's stories about shaking off poverty.

In 2019, the Derung ethnic group were lifted out of poverty and Li recorded their stories with articles and videos, showcasing the place's rapid development and changes to more people.

Some of her articles have been published in newspapers and some of videos have been viewed by a large number of people. One of her videos was used by Xinhua News Agency.

Li said she hopes to help children in Dulongjiang to fulfill their dreams and let more people know about the place.

Over the last five years, 28 postgraduate students from YNU have offered education assistance in Dulongjiang, according to university officials.


Volunteers from Yunnan University offer education assistance in Dulongjiang. [Photo/gaotee.com]



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