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I General Principles

All students enrolled in our university shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, and comply with school rules. They are also expected to respect the customs of all nationalities, maintain and promote friendship with classmates from all over the world, show respect to teachers and classmates, be polite and courteous, and work together to help each other. Students shall protect the public environment and observe public order. They shall comply with the teaching regulations, study hard and accomplish their learning objectives. 

II Visa and residence permit

1. Application procedures

1) Ordinary passports are required for all international students.

2) Go to Room 120 for Residence Permit or Visa extension at least 15 days prior to the expiration of your current visa, otherwise you will need to pay an additional service fee of 100 yuan ($15.07).

3) For Residence Permits or Visa extension, you need to submit: 

a. The original and copy of your valid passport, Chinese visa and entry seal. The type of your passport must be ordinary.

b. Two photos for the application form: they must be two-inch, recently-taken, including face and the upper half of the body, head or face covering is not allowed.

c. The original and copy of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence from the local police station. (This is not needed if you are lodging at a hotel).

d. Physical Examination Report. The original and copy of the Health Certificate for International Traveler issued by Yunnan Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (Tel:+86-871-67161994). When applying for the Residence Permit for longer than one year for the first time, aliens of the age of 18 or more must provide their health certificates.

e. Necessary fees.

f. Students who transfer from another school shall have the Certificate of Transfer assigned by the former school.

4) If the expiration date of your Visa or Residence Permit falls during a vacation, please go to Room 120 at least 15 days before the vacation starts to begin processing your new Visa or Residence Permit.

2. Important notice

1) In case of changes in the information specified in the alien's residence permit such as name, purpose of residence, passport number and accompanying person, you must, within seven days, renew your residence permit by reporting the changes to Room 120.

2) If you've lost your passport, please report it to Room 120 and Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau, apply for a new passport from your embassy or consulate with a proof of loss of passport, and then redo your Residence Permit.

3) Students need to be clear on the expiration date of their Residence Permit or Visa. Otherwise all responsibilities shall be borne by themselves.

4) Students are responsible for all the losses and punishments caused by illegal residence and illegal-working.

5) Keep your passport and Residence Permit with you at all times.

3. Papers for family members of alien students to apply for L Visa 

The alien spouse or children under the age of 18 of an alien student, or parents/guardian of an alien student under the age of 18 can apply for a 6 month or 1 year L visa with zero entry, single entry, double entry or multiple entries. There is no limitation for applying times, but the validity of the visa cannot surpass the validity of the alien student's visa or residence permit.

For L Visa, you need to submit the following:

1) One recently taken two-inch half-length, bareheaded and full-faced photo for application form.

2) The original and copy of valid passport, valid Chinese visa and entry seal.

3) The original and copy of the alien student's passport and residence permit. 

4) The original and copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence from local police station. (This is not requested if you are lodging at a hotel)

5) The alien spouse must also provide the identification of marriage and the alien children must provide the identification of family relation. The guardian must also provide the mandate of the alien student's parents. Identifications issued by any organizations abroad must be attested by the Chinese embassy or consular post in that country. Non-English identifications must be translated into Chinese by a professional translation agency.

★ If you have questions regarding any of the above information, you can make further inquiries at the Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau (Tel: +86-871-63143436) or with Mr. Yu (Room 120, Tel: +86-871-65032225).

III Academics

1. If you need to change your study plan, please go to Room 115 for necessary formalities. Otherwise all responsibilities shall be borne by yourself.

2. You must pass required exams in order to obtain study certification.

3. If you need to take exams earlier, please apply in advance at Room 115. There will be a fee of 100 yuan for each test taken in advance.

4. Regulations for undergraduate students will be delineated in another document.

IV  Insurance

1. According to relevant provisions of the Chinese Ministry of Education, international students need to buy insurance when registering for school in China. The college is commissioned to sell Foreign Students Overall Insurance according to corresponding provision of agent purchase. For details please consult Room 315 (Tel: +86-871-65033470).

2. Students not purchasing the Foreign Students Overall Insurance shall bear any consequences themselves.

V Payment

1. You shall pay all registration, tuition, and insurance fees at the same time, in an amount consistent with your study time when registering for the school.

2. If you need lodging in the international students' dorm, you shall pay the entire accommodation fee of your stay. There will be no refund after the payment. 

VI Refund

1. For an approved temporary suspension of schooling, leftover tuition money will not be refunded, but transferred to next semester.

2. Refund Details:

1) 90 percent of the paid tuition will be refunded before the semester begins.

2) 50 percent of the paid tuition will be refunded within two weeks after the semester begins.

3) No refunds granted after the semester begins for over two weeks.

3. No refunds for school dropouts.

4. Refunds are provided in RMB only.

5. Refund application shall be submitted to Room 119.

VII Disciplinary procedures

1. During your study here, you shall not skip classes or be absent without notification.  If your absence reaches 50 hours or more, your study plan and residence permit will be canceled, and there will be no refund of your remaining tuition and accommodation fee.

2. If you can't attend your class, you shall ask for leave by filling out the Leave Notification form, and report it after you are back by filling the Return Notification Form. (Ask your head teacher for the forms)

1)  If your absence does not exceed three days, approval is needed from your class head teacher.

2) If your absence exceeds three days but less than two weeks, approval is needed from both your head teacher and the vice dean.

3) If your absence exceeds two weeks, leave is permitted only after the approval of the head teacher, the vice dean and the dean.

4) You shall report to your head teacher upon return by filling out the Return Notification Form. If you can't return on time, you shall contact your head teacher to inform him/her of the reason.

5) Your leave time shall not exceed one month altogether for one semester.

3. You shall report your plans during the national holidays, summer and winter vacations to your head teacher in advance. 

VIII Other

1. The final interpretation of the above terms is reserved by the College of International Students.

2. You shall sign two copies of this form, one for yourself, and one for the college. 

YNU College of International Students

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